We offer specialized one-on-one training for your dog and work closely with you to achieve your desired goal. We operate on a small scale, training only ten to twelve dogs at a time. This ensures that your dog is getting the time and work necessary to achieve the results you expect, and has a great experience at our kennel. We realize every dog is different, and may require more or less time and individualized training methods for them to be successful in our program. We strive to under promise and over deliver, and always put in the time and effort to ensure every dog is a success.   



Typically we will begin obedience training with a puppy at 5-7 months old, but will train a dog up to two years old. At this age a pup is mentally developed enough to understand the concepts that I will teach them. My obedience program is 30 days. During that period I train and board the dog, while you will visit weekly. We start with improving your puppies focus and manners, then move into on leash obedience and concluding with collar conditioning and off leash obedience. We focus on obedience under distraction, and work to create a dog that is obedient and well mannered in any situation. I train in a way that is very easy for not only your dog to understand, but you as well. Training you is equally as important as training your dog, so I make sure you understand how I'm training your dog and get the same results I do.  

Basic Gun Dog training

Our basic gun dog program is three months and gives a "ready to hunt" dog that has impeccable obedience and is a consistent retriever. They are steady to shot, familiar with working in a variety of conditions from open fields, thick cover, and still/moving water, honor/hunt with multiple dogs, retrieve multiple marks, and will have been hunted in a real hunting situation (pigeons in the spring and summer, waterfowl in the fall and winter). Not everyone needs or can maintain a "finished" retriever that can run technical marks and cold blinds (hand signals) but instead needs an awesome family/hunting dog that you can enjoy year round and still be useful and successful in the field.

  • Advanced Obedience
  • Force Fetch
  • Force to pile
  • Marking drills on land and water in a large variety of conditions
  • Short Double Marks
  • Long Single marks
  • Steady to shot/honoring
  • Live hunting experience


Advanced Gun Dog Training

After basic training is complete, we incorporate those skills into advanced training. It takes 5 to 8 months for a dog to finish advanced training, depending on the dog's capabilities. This level of training is best suited for a serious hunter that needs a dog capable of technical retrieves and the ability to handle. NOT ALL DOGS ARE CAPABLE OF THIS.... this level of training takes a dog with a combination of the right drive, desire, intelligence, and trainability. In addition, this level of training needs to be maintained with consistent hunting and training. There is nothing better than watching your dog make a technical and difficult retrieve or complete a blind retrieve in the field, retrieving a bird that otherwise would have been lost with a dog not trained for the scenario. As I have mentioned before, we train a dog based on your needs and the dogs ability. We can adapt our program for you and get your dog to the level you need, whether its slightly past a basic gun dog or a fully finished gun dog.  

In addition to the skills the dog learns in the initial months going thru our basic gun dog program, they will also learn the following

  • basic blind manners and skills: steady to shot, honoring, working off dog stands and blinds, multiple guns, etc
  • Marking: the most important skill for a gun dog, I train to run multiple marks in every sort of condition a gun dog will cover. This includes varying distances and difficulty from a corn field to a small creek to large river.
  • Pile work land and water: force to pile, lining and casting drills
  • Whistle commands
  • Pattern Blinds
  • Cold Blinds
  • Handling Drills with diversions